[BS/RBS list] Unsolicited Testimonial: ELECTRICIAN

Rafael Aryeh smitty at att.net
Sun Oct 1 08:49:52 EDT 2017

Shimon just left my apartment.WELL..not really mine.....but the BAAL HABAYIT will love this!I saw a posting for :Local, honest, reliable, and certified electrician will install outlets and
waterproof lights for your succah!

He also installs shabbat clocks, ceiling fans, light fixtures, atmor
heating systems and outdoor garden lights.

Call Shimon for a clean and esthetic job!


Since moving in (2 years ago) the light outside on the merpesit, was trashed. Socket, wires sticking out....useless.
EVEN the Baal said he never got to it.IN MINUTES.....LICKETY SPLIT...SHIMON WAS UP, INSTALLED, SILICONED AND GONE! for 250 sheks, NEW SOCKET, INSTALLED LIKE IT CAME WITH THE APARTMENT!SO...even though I AM NOT PAYING FOR THIS repair (hopefully!), I had to recommend a neat, KNOWLEDGABLE electrician, for the small jobs in your house. (I didn't ask if he did MAJOR jobs, but he is a phoen call away!
ONE DAY, I hope to have him install CEILING FANS, when I own!%-)

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