[BS/RBS list] Hey, Likrat Kallah Chinese Auction tickets are ON SALE!!!!

Sadeena Pinhasik saddav2 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 08:16:01 EDT 2017

It's that time of year again, B"H.
Time for a chance to win THE MOST AMAZING gifts but more important than
time to help so many kallahs and brighten their day when they receive a
package of 7 new and beautiful household items for free!!!

That's exactly what happens when you donate money to Likrat Kallah and buy
into our amazing Chinese auction and raffle!

Likrat Kallah, a proud project of Lemaan Achai, is proud to announce that
with YOUR help over the years, we have merited to help *3602 *needy brides
througout Israel, regardless of their political or religious affiliation.

3602 brides whose families for one reason or another found if difficult to
provide their daughters with the basics to begin their kitchens.

3602 brides who walked away from Likrat Kallah feeling so happy at
receiving such a beaufiful gift package that enables them to feel like a
queen in their kitchen.

3602 brides who say thanks to YOU for caring so much and wanting them to
feel the happiness that every bride should feel as she begins her new

Now, down to business!

*Grand prize:  Complete Braces from Dr. Edo Lavi-a gift valued at 12,800
(this ticket costs 40 nis, 12 for 360 nis)

All other gifts:  One ticket is 25 nis but if you buy 4 for 100 nis, we
throw in another 2 for free.
That's a bargain!!!
Here are some of our amazing gifts:

*5000 nis off an wig at Sara Baila*
Fill up your grocery cart at *Osher Ad*-*1000 nis* coupon and *Best
Market-500 nis*
Gas Up at *Sonol-500 nis*
Dress up with T*amnun-500 nis, Bazaar Strauss -500nis,  Designer Basics's
-500 nis, Dream Card-700 nis*
Relax at *ISPA-500 nis*
Play at *Pirate Adom-500 nis*
Eat out at  *Cafe Cafe(Kanfei Nesharim) 500 nis and Mesubin-500 nis*
Stock up with everything you need at- *Max Stock 500 nis * and *City Shop
 500 nis*
Relax at *Kibbutz Lavi-*one night free for a couple
Treat yourself to something stunning-*Diamond earrings from Tzvi Hager
valued at 3,500 nis*
Off to the Dry Cleaner without a worry or care-*Perfect Clean  500 nis*
Learn to drive with *Eli Dahan-5 lessons and internal test for free-a gift
valued at 830 nis*
*Ikea-500 nis*
*Raphaeli-500 nis*
*Lebo's - Mens suit valued at 600 nis*
*Swimming at the Country-16 entrances!*
*A beautiful Golg Engraved picture of Jerusalem from Matenel*
*Outdoor family photo session from Eugene Weisberg*
*Pinsky Jewelers-500 nis*

*And there's our amazing raffle-98 gifts that YOU might win.*
One ticket costs 10 nis but if you buy 8, it costs ONLY 50 nis-again
another amazing bargain!

Here are just some of the gifts:
*150 nis coupon *from Katzefet!!! ( a must in every household!)
breakfast at Bleeker Bakery
*100nis coupons *from Bedek Bayit, Supernal, Mercaz Hanal, Tachshitai Regal
and Top Clean
*50 nis coupons* from Sashimi, Momtekai Kobi, Dovi Dagim, Pitzuchai Amit,
Parisers, Aluf Hadfus, Shipud B'Rama, Clean and Fresh Dry cleaning, Lior's
Children's clothing, Glamorous Herrings
Bowling from Reshet Arbel
Hand Towels from Arthur's Pharmacy
Handy Randy-1 hr. service
Massages from Jenny Zelcer
Flowers from Pirchai Iris and Gal Shel Perachim
Massage from Devorah Fish
Sheets and Silverware from Chamsa v'Kesef
and this is just the top of the iceberg!!!

To buy tickets, contact our traveling saleslady:054-549-6078
or call 050-909-4463

Thank you to our sponsors-We couldn't do it without your tremendous help!!!
**Double Diamond Sponsors*: *
Debbie Sassen Financial Planner,
Camp Kee Tov

**Diamond Sponsors*: *
Yehudis Schamrot-Acupuncture
Leeba Rosenthal of BeSimcha Party Planning
Design and Musikef-Judy Clark
Super Pharm, (Big Fashion)
Gold Insurance
Dr. Jonathan Links

**Platinum Sponsors**:
 RBS Gelt Center,
Now My PC Works. Com,

**Gold Sponsors**:
Holy Bagel,
Dr. Brim, Chiropractor
Lili SockShop

**Silver Sponsors: **
At Your Service Cleaner Referral Service
Hakol L'Shulcha
Adina Suslovich, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Many anonymous sponsors
 one sponsorship is for: לע״נ חנה רחל בת משה

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