[BS/RBS list] Trip to IAF Museum and Avraham's Well

Mort Barr mortbarr at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 06:10:15 EDT 2017

The Maor Seniors welcomes everyone to participate in its next trip on
October 18 8:30am- 3PM(approx).  We will be visiting the IAF Museum as well
as Avraham's Well International Visitor's Center in Beersheba. This center
tells the story of Avraham and the history of Beersheba and is located at
the ancient well attributed to Avraham.  On the bus, we will also hear a
lecture on the history of the IAF, given by Moshe Ginz.  The cost of the
trip is 50NIS for members and 70NIS for non-members.  Please rsvp with
payment, as soon as possible, to Harris Isaacs, 10/15 Nachal Maor 02-9996438

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