[BS/RBS list] Free Sunday ad Fyvie Berman

Fyvie Berman fyvieberman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 04:33:32 EDT 2017


There are better ways to solve an argument.
Erev Chag  = Stress.  Stress = tension.  Tension = arguments and arguments
= a lack of Shalom Biet.

There are better ways to bring calm and tranquility back to your home, for
the sake of your marriage,
family and especially your children. Put down the frying pan and call
Fyvie Berman, Certified Marriage and Family Counselor.    First session
absolutely free and no obligation. Located in RBS.

Call to schedule your appointment or just ask a question.0546-44-33-66

Our office is approved by Keren Shalom Beit. Helping to make counseling
affordable to everyone.

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