[BS/RBS list] Find the right therapist, psychiatrist, life coach, and more...

Shoshi Friedman shoshi at gethelpisrael.com
Sun Oct 1 04:41:00 EDT 2017

You will find many therapists advertising themselves as mental health
professionals, but unfortunately, not all of them have the proper training
in the mental health field.  


If you're looking for a qualified therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or
life coach, you can find one at Get Help Israel, with over 150
English-speaking verified practitioners from all over Israel.  Everyone
listed on Get Help Israel has shown proof of their qualifications so you can
rest assured that the professional you're contacting is indeed trained in
their area of specialty. 


Find a Therapist:


Find a Psychiatrist:


Find a Life Coach:


Find a Support Group: http://gethelpisrael.com/therapy_group/


If you're a mental health professional with a graduate level training in
mental health and would like to become a member of Get Help Israel, you may
submit a request to join here:




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