[BS/RBS list] Exciting Update on Rabbi Aba Wagensberg's New RBS Shiur for Women -- Please Reply ASAP

Sora Aviva Dalton satracydalton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 03:49:18 EDT 2017

Thanks so much to all of you for the feedback! IY"H, if we have enough
people we can move ahead with this initiative!

   - It looks like we'll be able to schedule the shiur for *Mondays at 9 or
   9:30 AM, according to what most of you prefer! *(Please indicate your
   preference in reply)
   - The new location will be at *Nachal Noam 16/9*
   - The fee will be *25 NIS/class. Additionally, sponsorships for each
   class are available in honor or memory of your family and friends.*
   - The Rav will be sharing in-depth insights about *Tefilla!*

Please reply to this email asap that you wish to participate so we can
finalize details. I will send one last email out according to the consensus.

Thanks so much and may you all have a joyous and healthy new year!
Certainly learning with Rabbi Wagensberg will be an additional bracha that
will enhance our lives, IY"H.

SA Dalton

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