[BS/RBS list] Don't wait 'til 'after the chagim' to get the foot care you need now!

Ruth Avraham Zimberg shirchadash at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 1 02:34:32 EDT 2017

Drs. Avraham Zimberg and Daniel Pollack  provide full foot care for your sore feet, ingrown nails, bunions, hammertoes, fungi, plantar faciatis, diabetic feet, and more.  Also, providing top quality, custom-made, bio-mechanical orthotics.

Appointments are available during Chol Hamoed :  Sunday Oct. 8,  and   Isru Chag, Friday morning. Sept. 13.

For information/appointments, call 054 543 7775.

Wishing you and all Israel a G'mar Tov.

Dr. Avraham Zimberg, DPM

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