[BS/RBS list] giving away boy's coat

Leeba Rosenthal leeba at besimcha-israel.com
Mon Dec 25 10:22:53 EST 2017

I am in touch with many single mothers wo do not receive child support.  (I am not speaking about ALL divorced mothers and to all those fathers who pay  proper court ordered  support, KOL HAKAVOD) .   I would be happy  to take the coat or any winter clothing in very good condition to give to any of them.  We are working on starting  a gmach of free clothing for single moms, just looking for a location.   
On a similar note,    please do your part by being  supportive to these single moms by inviting them over  for a Shabbos  meal. You have no idea how daunting the thought of the cost and the time  of making a Shabbos meal is when you are the sole supporter of your kids.   

Leeba Rosenthal 
054 2323 410 

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​The coat is a Land's End size medium (10-12) ski coat.  It​ is white,
steel blue and a brightish green in good condition.

Please email if you're interested.


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