[BS/RBS list] Kever Rachel trip leaving at 9.45am

Naomi Pinczower chananaomi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 07:53:23 EST 2017

Anyone who is interested to daven at kever Rachel tomorrow, on Zos
Chanukah, ( the day that has a segula for
Yeshuos-- a special day for davening - especially for those who are waiting
to be blessed with children) please call Naomi Pinczower 052.866.0727
We hope to be there for an hour and then come back to Rbsa. Cost is @40
We will be leaving in front of Rabbi Waxmans Yeshiva on Nachal Maor.
Anyone who sent me an email, pls. Confirm with a phone call by 9pm tonight.
Thank you, Naomi pinczower

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