[BS/RBS list] Low-cost Mashkanta service

S. Bisk sbisk at joinisrael.org
Sun Dec 3 01:37:20 EST 2017

If you are planning to get a mashkanta, there are good reasons to use a mashkanta service. Besides avoiding the time and hassle, banks have a profit interest, and without an understanding of the complexities of the various options and programs and their ramifications (not just the interest rate), you are in a disadvantaged negotiating position. There are very good local brokers - well-trained, experienced and looking out for your best interests.
My non-profit offers a low-cost service (2400 NIS) to make sure that you get the best terms and rates from the banks. Anyone interested can turn to: Tzavta Mashkantot: 072-270-2700, tzavta.m at gmail.com<mailto:tzavta.m at gmail.com>
Shmuel Bisk (RBS A, Shemeshphone advertiser)

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