[BS/RBS list] PSA: Road 38 app now available

Dani Waxman daniwaxman at gmail.com
Thu May 28 08:35:10 EDT 2015

Given the ongoing (and worsening) traffic issues on 38 I developed a free
app that tells you the current traffic conditions on 38 in both directions
from Shaar Hagay to the turn off of "Big". It also shows you a map with
where the traffic is on 38.

(No, i'ts not a replacement for WAZE - it's just a really fast way to get
current conditions from anywhere you are without having to plan a route and
drag your finger along until you get to 38.)

It's called "Road 38" and its available on...
Google Play Store here (free):

Or on in iTunes here (free):

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Updates are already in the works for a couple of "known issues"
Additional features are also on the way.

Thanks and happy driving,

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