[BS/RBS list] Cheesecake Overload? Pure Delights Bakery!!!

tsivya tsivya18 at yahoo.com
Mon May 25 03:01:51 EDT 2015

Pure Delights Bakery is the only place in the country baking with almond flour and boutique honey as a base. No junk like the store bought stuff. AND, we are the SAME price as much of the stuff in the stores which use cheap, non-nutritious ingredients AND our stuff is DELICIOUS!.  

All B"Datz ingredients. All parave. 
 To order, please reply to this email or call 02 992 3925 and leave a message.

In General: there are 11x muffins in a container, 21 cookies in a container.

 47 NIS:
>> Apple muffins
>> Zucchini muffins>>Carrot muffins
>> Lemon cookies-vegan

50 NIS>> Melt in Your Mouth Peanut butter fudge-vegan
> 52 NIS:>> Blueberry muffins-no oil>> Peanut butter cookies-vegan, no oil>> Jelly center cookies>> Sesame/tehina cookies-vegan, no oil>> Bread

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