[BS/RBS list] Ezrat Achim Women's Bikathon!

Yal Kossowsky yalbk4 at gmail.com
Sun May 17 09:57:41 EDT 2015

Dear Bet Shemesh Friends,
I like you am a Bet Shemesh Resident, Israeli
by nationality yet of British origin.
I joined Ezrat Achim over two years ago because I was drawn
To the vision of the organization
"To offer relief and assistance to all city residents thus creating a chord of
Unity and brotherhood regardless of culture ,origins or religious background."
Ezrat Achim which was founded 17 years ago with just
two humidifiers and a set of crutches has grown to  become a full scale
medical support network. I don't think there is Bet Shemesh
resident who doesn't recognize the vans (donated by Keren Yosef)
that run the route a few times day taking patients and their families
to the large medical centres.
In response to growing communal needs,Ezrat Achim Special
Needs Department was opened a few years ago.
Today the centers provide services for 30-40 special needs
kids from all over town during off school hours
Daily bet 3-7pm and even on Friday ,Shabbat ,chag
And any school holiday (even Yom Kippur) . We are trying
To fill a very important community need which as well
As a safe, professionally run environment for the kids also
Gives the families much needed respite in the 24/7 challenge
Of raising a special needs child.
I would like to make a "women's bikathon" –one Friday morning
In the beginning of July at a biking route near Kiryat Yearim
(bikes included) . My goal is two fold; to  get women from all over
Bet shemesh to join and have fun together ; while rasing money
For an important community cause –The Summer Camp for special Needs
Children …..  
So when were you last on a bike?????
If you would like to join the ride or help with the planning
Committee(short project 6-8 weeks), please mail or call me
Yudit 0548449280 Yudit at ezratachim.com
Please see attachment with pics of last year summer camp.
With thanks
Yudit Eytan
Director of Special Needs
Ezrat Achim
Yudit at ezratachim.com
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