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Sun May 17 04:30:24 EDT 2015

Don't miss out - COMEDY FOR KOBY – May/June 2015 To Benefit The Koby Mandell Foundation Featuring the amazing talents of Brian Kiley, Modi, Joe Matarese & hosted by Comedy for Koby founder, AVI LIBERMAN.·       Raanana – Monday, May 25 – Mishkan Theater, Hapalmach 2A, 8:30pm·       Modiin - Tuesday, May 26 – Heichal Hatarbut, Emek Dotan 49, 8:30pm·       Beit Shemesh – Wednesday May 27 – Eshkol Hapayis, Aliyat Hanoar 6, 8:30pm·       Zichron Yaakov – Thursday May 28 – Special Reception Event at the ELMA Hotel (pricing and info on the website)·       Gush Etzion – Sunday May 31 – Matnas Gush Etzion, 8:30pm·       Jerusalem – Monday June 1 – Beit Shmuel Hirsch Theater, Shama 6, 7:00pm AND 9:30pm·       Tel Aviv – Tuesday June 2 – Tzavta 1, Ibn Gvirol 30, 8:00pm Regular tickets – 110nis eachPurchased at the door (if available) – 120nis each  Soldiers and B'nai/Bnot Sherut – 80nis each For group discounts (10 tickets or more) please contact tickets at djwconsult.com For more information and to order tickets - www.comedyforkoby.com For sponsorship and advertising opportunities – tickets at djwconsult.comJOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR CONTESTS AND UPDATES: www.facebook.com/comedyforkoby 		 	   		  

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