[BS/RBS list] Shavuot Sale on Wine, Portabello Mushrooms and Fresh Asparagus

tara Mizel applecrazy3 at yahoo.com
Sat May 16 16:38:34 EDT 2015

I sell organic stamped eggs (tray of 30 for 40 sheck), chemical pesticide free and bug free greens (most bags only 6.5 sheck), frozen goods at a great price, wines, organic snacks, a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, and unpasteurized honey (1.5 kilo for 59 sheck) and organic olive oil (2 liters for 73 sheck).
Organic snacks and wines from the Ohr Haganuz Vineyard are an extra 5% off this week for those people order through me!
10% off on portabello mushrooms and fresh asparagus.
Most items need to be preordered so email for details.  This week there is a Monday night deadline.  Wednesday night pick up or delivery.
Sara LieberRBS Resident

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