[BS/RBS list] Tzalashim for Hakarat Hatov in memory of my cousin, Etana Friedman

Miriam Weed weedmir at gmail.com
Thu May 14 02:40:38 EDT 2015

 From Rosally Saltsman:
To Etana's friends and family, in Etana's memory and for her illui 
neshama, I have had Tzalashim made up (pictured below) to encourage 
the middah of hakarat hatov that she was so famous for. They come in 
sets of 100 in both Hebrew and English and I have 140 sets of each. 
They're good for teachers, parents, friends, spouses. I'm giving them 
out free of charge. Anyone interested in receiving them, please send 
me an email at rosally_s at yahoo.com.

My son took some in to show his teacher, and now she is requesting 
more.  Perhaps your child's school would be interested as well.

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