[BS/RBS list] Coconut Oil, Almond Butter and Coconut Flour Order Info

Eli Glickman clg7556 at yahoo.com
Sun May 10 08:30:20 EDT 2015

We are hoping to place another order for the following items.  Please be in touch if interested in joining or for any questions.
Coconut oil: Case of 6 jars/ 720 mL per jar = 200 NISIndividual jars of coconut oil = 36 NIS per jarAlmond butter case of 6 jars/ 750 mL per jar = 390 NISIndividual jars of almond butter = 68 NIS per jarCoconut Flour:Case of 12 bags of 250 g = 132 nisPossibly individual bags = 14 nis per bag
It is Teva Mehadrin brand with an Eidah Hachareidis hechsher.  The coconut oil is unrefined, cold pressed oil. 

Thank you,The GlickmansRBS A resident

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