[BS/RBS list] ~★RBS★~Gamach store ♥NEEDS♥ your kind donations!

Esther Nicoll nicoll18 at gmail.com
Sun May 3 13:08:26 EDT 2015


My wonderful friend Noa runs a gamach priced Store, directly under "Yesh".
It’s called "Rimon Botique."

she is in ***continuous*** need of donations in order to keep the gamach
open! Anything USED or new (but not limited to):

> > > > house ware,
> > > > toys,
> > > > dishes,
> > > > clothing etc,

** of course all in good condition**

***if you are looking for great bargains... visit her under Yesh, Daily
from 9:30 am- 12:30 pm.

Everything is nicely hung and organized with background music.

Noa is the nicest person and she charges few shekels for most things in
order to cover costs (rent, electricity and a bit of well needed parnasah
for her family).

For Questions or donations either drop off bags under yesh (straight down
the driveway --all the way down) or call :

Noa at: 054-532-1159

Location: Merkaz under "Yesh"!

Kol Tov,

Esther :-)

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