[BS/RBS list] Rentals Availalble! Rentals starting June/July have started to come up!

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Sun May 3 11:10:00 EDT 2015



Dear Clients!


Rental starting this summer have started to become available! If you can't
find anything you are looking for in this list, please call to let us know
what you are looking for so we can get back to you as soon as anything comes
up! We will be getting updates daily from now on, so it would be a good idea
not to wait only for next week's updates!


Thank you,


And all the Best!





Rentals available!


1 room on Uria- best as an office 1300 nis


1 room on Ramat shilo fully furnished 1600nis


2 rooms near Mercaz, on Sorek, 55 sqm only 2300 nis


2 rooms on Nachshon, beautiful kitchen, 2500 nis


2 rooms on kishon with garden only 2000 nis


2 room apt on Beer Sheva (ramat Shilo) fully furnished 2200 nis (2 different
apts available)


2 room on Refaim, 40 sqm partially furnished available now 2500 nis


2 rooms on kishon fully furnished 2500 nis avail april 15th


Very spacious 2 room unit+ small back yard om Uria 2300 nis


2 room very spacious 48 sqm on Ramat Shilo fully furnished 3500 nis
including ALL utilities, or less, not including them


2 rooms brand new fully furnished on Uria, all included in the price! 3000


Beautiful basement apt on Ayalon, GREAT kitchen, 3 rooms, 80 sqm, price
includes Arnona, excellent for a young couple or an office 2950 nis


NEW! 3 rooms on Revivim+ porch 65 sqm 3000 nis incl Arnona avail now


3 room garden apt on Luz area, spacious apt and garden, great view 3500 nis
avail July


3 rooms on Kishon 70sqm+ porch 3000 nis avail now


NEW! Great price! 4 rooms on Arvot Hanachal only 3300 nis avail now!


3 rooms on Mercaz, great apt, great view , machsan 3500 nis


3 rooms beautifully renovated apt on Revivim, spacious with a big porch 4200


4 room on Micha, very beautifully inveted 4500 nis


NEW!  4 room on Lachish , large porch, view, only 3900 nis avail now!


NEW! 4 rooms on Revivim area 2nd floor, central A/C 4000 nis avail June


NEW! 4 rooms on Noam, huge living room and porch, 2.5 bathrooms great apt!
large machsan! 4200 nis only avail June!


NEW! 4 rooms on Arvot hanachal fully furnished (optional) 4300 nis avail
June/ July


4 rooms beautifully invested on Dolev 4800 nis avail sept


4 rooms huge garden on Zeelim (ramat Shilo), new kitchen, available now 3900


4 rooms on Maor, 2nd floor available June or before if needed 4000 nis


4 room great apt on Timna available August, large porch, 2 full bathrooms,
large Machsan 4300 nis


NEW! 4 rooms on Micha, 1st floor, large porch, available August 4250 nis 


NEW! Beautiful 4 room apt on Sorek near Lachish, upgraded kitchen, large
porch 4400 nis avail June


NEW! 4.5 rooms on Revivim 2nd floor+ machsan 4500 nis


Beautiful 4 room apt on Micha, large bedrooms, VERY upgraded kitchen and
bathrooms, available now 4500 nis


Beautiful 4.5 room apt beautifully done on ein gedi amazing kitchen, view,
air, extra large living room, 2nd floor with a private entrance 5000 nis
(flex before the summer)


NEW! 5 room duplex on Dolev, large bedrooms, 3rd floor (no elevator) amazing
view, large 3 porches, small machsna, available mid may 4500 nis


NEW! 5 room duplex (different than the previous one) on Dolev, 3rd floor
available now  4800 nis


5 room duplex with a beautiful garden and a large porch on Katlav, 2.5 full
bathrooms, closets in bedrooms are staying, available may/june 5000 nis


NEW! 5.5 room large apt on Katlav, large porch and Machsasn 5400 nis


4 rooms on Ayalom fully furnished available June 4700 nis


9 room duplex on Sorek 6500 nis available now



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rent bet shemesh.com

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