[BS/RBS list] Summer Camp, Chugim, Books and More at The Biblical Museum of Natural History!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History - Office office at biblicalnaturalhistory.org
Sun May 3 05:09:42 EDT 2015

Have you visited the Biblical Museum of Natural History yet? If not, come
and see what everyone's talking about!

*SUMMER CAMP @ the Museum: *For more details on our exciting camp for both
boys and girls please email office at tevatanachi.org with your name, contact
details and details (age,gender and name) of your child. LIMITED SPACES

*Museum Tours*:Tours available by reservation in both English and Hebrew.
Join a tour or book at a time convenient to your family and group. It's
perfect for company activities and bar/bat Mitzvah family trips.(Don't
forget to ask us about our Party Package)

*Museum Chug*: Enroll your child in our animal chug, where he/she will
learn all about the unique and exotic animals at the museum. Currently,
there is a chug for boys aged 8-12 on Sundays at 6pm. We are happy to offer
other Chugim should there be sufficient interest - there must be some girls
out there who also like exotic animals!

The new "*Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom*" is now available at
the Museum.
Place your order online or call the office.

For more details about the museum, see our website, www.TevaTanachi.org

Then, if you would like to sign up for a tour, book your child for the chug
or camp or sign up for  our newsletter, call 073-213-1662 or write to
office at tevatanachi.org. See you at the museum!

The Biblical Museum of Natural History is a ShemeshPhone advertiser!
Maayan Steele
Museum Administrator
The Biblical Museum of Natural History
office at biblicalnaturalhistory.org

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