[BS/RBS list] problems with Amazon

Shaya & Minna Stern stern-gang at neto.net.il
Sun May 3 04:48:58 EDT 2015

I had a very disturbing experience with Amazon. I was going to make an order
but decided it was too expensive and didn't go ahead, didn't put in my c.c.
details. The next thing I know is that they put the order through, so I
immediately cancelled it online. But lo and behold, a short time later, I
found a $100 charge (very high price for what I wanted to order) on my c.c.
This means that they used my c.c details from previous purchases, completely
illegal and very surprising for such a reputable co. So then I thought the
goods would arrive but they never did. It seems that their accounting dept.
acted  independently from the orders dept. 


Has anyone else ever had such an experience?


Does anyone know the address to write to for complaints?



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