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Buckman Family family at thebuckmans.com
Sun May 3 03:33:06 EDT 2015

(posting for a friend – please respond to the phone number listed below – 
NOT TO THIS EMAIL – Hebrew speaker)

Let me channel pure energy to where it hurts you most!
    Headache / Shoulder pain / Backache / Stress / Anxiety / Depression / 
Emotional blocks

>From an early age, I demonstrated the uncanny ability to relieve pain and 
suffering, even at a distance.  Through my unique BIOENERGETIC MASSAGE, I 
brought relief to many who had given up hope.
You've tried everything - doctors, medicines, therapies - and nothing 
worked.  You are still in the same place you were in before - only worse.
Give yourself one more chance to find healing and relief before you give up! 
A single session can change your life!

For an appointment call 054-288-0704
Women Only


"You disconnected me from my body, my thoughts.  I felt as if I had left my 
body and my pains, my worries behind.  When I came to, I was shocked to find 
my pains and stress had disappeared and I had a positive and boundless 
energy I have never before experienced!"

"I felt you were removing the pain from me - with one touch it was all 

"I came to you tired and exhausted.  I don't know what you did, but in just 
a few moments I felt happy and refreshed as from a good night's sleep!"

"I pulled my back.  I made an appointment for physiotherapy.  But the pain 
was so strong, I couldn't wait.  I called you and with one session the pain 
disappeared.  I cancelled the appointment for physiotherapy, and forgot 
completely that my back ever hurt.  I felt your energy filling the room to 
the extent that it was warm and tangible!"

"I forgot I even had pain!  You made it pass without leaving a trace or 
memory behind."

"I had suffered terrible headaches.  Without touching me, I felt your energy 
soothing and warming my brain.  It was as if a door opened and all the 
stress left me never to return."

For an appointment call 054-288-0704
Women Only 

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