[BS/RBS list] Slim-plicity- The Weight is Finally Over!

Chana Waysman chana.waysman at gmail.com
Sun May 3 01:18:22 EDT 2015

**Next group starting Wednesday 13th May 2015**
Weight no longer! Slim-plicity is a series of *12 weekly group sessions*
held here in RBS-A which will address your challenges regarding weight,
sluggishness and health in a supportive environment.
Chana Waysman is an experienced, open and outgoing Registered Dietitian
with a wide-range of knowledge on losing excess kilograms and maintaining a
healthy lifestyle. **Now with an initial personal half hour individual
assessment.** Each member receives a specially tailored program for
achievable and sustainable goals.

780 shekel for entire program (= 60 shekel / session including initial

Slim-plicity. Your 'better you' is only a bite away!
Phone: 0587525916 / Email: chana.waysman at gmail.com
References available upon request.
Some words from those who have worked with Chana:
"Her fresh approach with patients has caused her to be booked up from the
very first month she started with us. Patients feel they finally have a
Dietitian who understands them. She's so 'normal' I have seen her eating
cake herself in the staffroom! Maybe her balanced view is what keeps them
all coming back." Practice Manager, Australia
"I thought my goal to go from the 90s (kilograms) to the 60s (kilograms)
was for my appearance. Little did I know being on Slim-plicity would result
on my digestion regulating without medication. Also, for the first time in
20 years I have just experienced my longest time-period ever without
migraines." Client
"Chana's program has dramatically changed my energy levels. After work each
day I used to come home and rest on the couch. Now, I come home and play
with my children and they are everso happy to have a present mother once
again!" Client

Chana Waysman - Dietitan
BFSc&Nutr, MDiet, APD, AN, RD
0587 525 916

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