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The Yair Leolam Foundation is excited to announce it is accepting
applications for the 2015 summer season of Yair Leolam-Boys for incoming 7th
& 8th (Juniors) and 9th & 10th (Teens) and 11th (CIT Program) grade boys. The
program will run from July 28-Aug. 13 in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

The summer program will include a seder of learning, trips to various
chessed sites (both in and out of BS/RBS), sports and swimming,
recreational activities, Tiyulim, BBQ's and much more.  The Yair Leolam
Boys Summer Program is built on the foundation of Torat Chessed. Through
the integration of amazing scheduled recreational and leadership activities
our participants will be empowered to become young leaders and role models
in their respective schools and communities!

*Our Team:*

*R’ Yona Friedman* of RBS will be the Head Counselor of the Boys Program.
R’ Yona has been working at Yeshiva Lev Hatorah for the past 4 years. He is
a talented musician and has years of formal and informal experiences in
education and in working with youth.  A veteran of popular American summer
programs, R’ Yonah will be providing Yair Leolam Boys with energy,
excitement and RUACH. He is an avid athlete who has a unique ability to
connect with anyone – R’ Yona will be an inspiration and role model to
every camper!.

*Rabbi Gil Elmaleh*, Ph.D. of BS, Dean of Students at Yeshivat Torat Shraga
and private clinician with 20+ years of camping experience and informal
education is the founder of Yair Leolam - Boys.

The madrichim of Yair Leolam - Boys are bnei torah, amazing role models,
and have much experience with youth.

*Additional Information:*

Daily Program: 9:30am-3:00pm

Grades: 7th & 8th(Juniors) and 9th & 10th(Teens)

Cost: 950 shekels

*New to the Summer….*

CIT Program: Incoming 11th Graders (subsidized cost of 500 shekel)

*Take a Look:*

To get a real look, search for *Camp Yair Leolam Boys 2014* on YouTube.com
the direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWyITbWO9Fk.

Looking to attract young Bnei Torah that are looking for an environment
that is composed of Torah and  Chessed as well as sports and recreational

For more information or to obtain a registration packet call 052-618-6666
or write to YairLeolam at gmail.com. Join us for a meaningful and fun summer!

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