[BS/RBS list] Fire Up for Lag B'Omer with Torah Tuesdays!!

Leah Blatt blattleah at ymail.com
Fri May 1 05:44:55 EDT 2015

TORAH TUESDAYSWomen’s Learning for Refuah & AchdutIN THE ROVA
May 5th
Learning has been sponsored for an immediate refuah shlaima
for Hizkiyahu Moshe Yaacov ben Mariasa and Chaya bas Beya b’ezrat Hashem!
21 Shonei Halachot St. (From the main square, turn at the bank ontoBonei HaHoma St., at end of Bonei HaHoma turn rightonto Shonei Halachot, first house on the right)
Featuring three outstanding Torah teachers and mentors!!!
9:30 am          Rebbetzin Faygie Ben-Sholom                                Topic:  Michtav Me-Eliyahu (Strive for Truth)

10:30 am         Rebbetzin Chaya Lagumsky                                Topic:   A Journey through the Calendar
11:30 am         Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman                                Topic:  Sefar Hacharaidim12:30 pm         Rebbetzin Malka Twerski Friedman                                 Topic: Parsha
Suggested donation 25 NIS for the day (for one or all 4 classes).For further info, please call Leah 052-546-2762 or Selma 052-861-0757

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