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Hilary Morris hilarym1 at netvision.net.il
Fri Jul 31 17:51:04 EDT 2015

Summer is here so it is  really time to think of
your Summer ,Autumn, Winter Simcha

 Why not think of having some thing different and doing a BBQ for your

 We can cater for your Bar or BatMitzvah, Brit Milah, Shabbat Aufruf, Sheva
Brachot or any simcha you are planning.

 We will be happy to hear from you and send you all the new menus

 Ask about the great new meat menus for your next simchas

 If we cater your function, you will be a guest at your own party as we will

take care of everything

 I have over 23 years of experience catering here and will be happy to sit
with you and discuss all your needs.

 We have menus & ideas to suit every  budget

 I have a teudat kashrut for meat and a teudat kashrut for dairy

 Hilary Morris Catering
 Kosher LeMehadrin
 02-9932043   050-5554045
 hilarym1 at netvision.net.il
 See my add on page 160 of the New Shemesh Phone Book

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