[BS/RBS list] Help the Rav Frand shiur (old computer?)

Jessel szjessel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 11:06:03 EDT 2015

For years we've been publicly showing the weekly shiur of Rav Yissachar
Frand in Baltimore, which comes to us via the Internet.
But our iMac is now ten years old an showing the signs of age. We need to
upgrade our equipment.

 What is needed is ANY of the following:

-A new or used large-screen computer such as an iMac, or just a large flat
-Money to repair and upgrade our existing equipment.
- A new or used laptop (it's better than nothing!)

Please forward to anyone who might be interested.

Shlomo Zalman Jessel
Tel: 0546 720 336

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