[BS/RBS list] PSA: various tiyulim paths being shut down starting tomorrow due to heat wave

Shifra Friedman shifty at bezeqint.net
Wed Jul 29 17:43:27 EDT 2015

>From the Jerusalem Post:


Due to the incoming heat wave forecasted over the next week, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority announced that it would be
closing down certain hiking trails around the country. Among the routes closed, from Thursday through Wednesday, will be Nahal
Darga, Nahal Og, Ein Maboa, Ein Qelt and Nahal Prat - except for the Ein Prat section of the trail. In addition, all hiking paths in
the Eilat region will also be shut down, the INPA said.


The decision to temporarily close the trails occurred based on Israel Meteorological Service alerts regarding an extreme heat wave
set to begin on Thursday, which is likely to feature high temperatures as well as humidity, the INPA explained. 


"We recommend that you reduce your outings to hikes in nature in the coming days, and if you choose to travel anyway, take care in
advance that the route is comfortable and shaded, and make sure to carry the necessary amount of water, bring a hat and clothing
suitable to heat wave conditions," the authority said. 


As a result of the heat wave, the INPA warned that further trails may be shut down, and advised travelers to consult the authority's
website or call *3639.

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