[BS/RBS list] Going to Beit Chilkia, Chofetz Chaim, etc?

Miriam Druyan miriam.druyan at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 14:59:15 EDT 2015

If you're planning a trip from here in to Beit Chilkia / Chofetz Chaim
area, would you like to do a mitzvah on the way?

It's a fact that doing mitzvos before summer activities reduces mosquito
bites, sunburns and kvetchiness!

EASY CHESSED OPP: My neighbor has started an organization called "Nofesh
Lenafshi," in conjunction with the famous RCCS, to send families suffering
from severe illness away on vacations.

All year they place all over the country, but for summer break they are
placing families in Beit Chilkia.

Food for these families is being donated by various caterers here in RBS,
but they need a way to get the food from here to there.

THE JOB: Pick up food in RBS, bring it to Beit Chilkia.

THE PERKS: Huge mitzva, great example for your family, AND once in that
area (only about 20 minutes away) there are many local attractions and
activities, not too far from Chofetz Chaim, etc.

Thursday, July 30 (tomorrow!) around 3:30 PM
Friday, July 31, around 11 AM
Sunday, August 2nd, around 1:30 PM
Sunday, August 9th
Tuesday, August 11th

IF you can do it, PLEASE be in touch with me, and may Hashem bless you and
your family with much health and bracha!

miriam.druyan at gmail.com

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