[BS/RBS list] 🌟 Major Mitzvah ⚠ 🌟 Alert!!! הכנסת כלה

Esther Nicoll nicoll18 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 14:49:35 EDT 2015


🌟  Major Mitzvah ⚠ 🌟 Alert!!! הכנסת כלה

Myself and few people are throwing an engagement party to a local needy

We managed to take care of the Hall,  food,  and all other requirements
having to do with the party 🎉


After all,  what is an engagement party without gifts!

What can you do? if you would like to gladden the heart ♥ of a young bride
with any NEW household items,  jewelry,  head covering, really anything and
wrap it up nicely ,  you would be doing a tremendous mitzvah.

We hope to have a table filled with gifts for our lovely Jewish bride.

The party  is this Sunday,  so please for drop off and or inquires contact
me: 058-613-2000

Kol Tov,

Esther Rbs alef :-)

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