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Wed Jul 29 04:11:18 EDT 2015

> As many of you know, I am a working mother with a busy schedule.
> Reliable daycare is an absolute must  but we need to know that our
> children are in a warm, caring, stimulating environment during the
> hours we cannot be with them ourselves. My daughter has spent the last
> months at  “Hamamlacha Sheli”  on the corner of Nachal Refaim/Ayalon.
> It is owned and run by  Shevy Duplet who is on the premises at al
> times.  The Maon and has 3 separate age groups, the youngest being
> newborns. Shevvy has invested in the latest developmental toys, a
> fully equipped Gymboree, and a very large outside shaded play area
> with climbing apparatus. The older children get to do arts and crafts
> and Eurhythmics.. They eat 3 nourishing meals a day including flaishig
> lunch. Hours are flexible, with options of full day ( 7.30am-5pm), ¾
> day (7.30-3/30pm) and  half day (7.30am-1.30pm), and of course Fridays
> till 12.30pm. Although the Maon is not yet recognized by Vaadat
> Hatamat, the body that subsidises daycare for working mothers, I
> transferred my daughter there because the Tamat Maons sleep the kids,
> even 3 yr olds, for at least 2 hours in the afternoon. This meant my
> daughter was up till 1am at night. Cute as she is, you can imagine
> this was  which was no fun for anyone, especially when she would wake
> up her siblings. Shevy agreed not to sleep my daughter at all, and
> stood by her word. 8pm bedtime works so well for all of us! Once I
> made the change-over, I was surprised to find that Shevy’s Maon
> operates regular hours through the entire summer vacation. I want to
> thank Shevy and her team, especially Bryna my daughter’s ganenent, for
> taking care of my daughter in the best possible way when I cannot do
> so myself. 
> Feel free to message me with questions
> Rivka Radonsky, SLP
> Machon Yozma
> Evaluating & treating infants, children and adults for speech,
> language, fluency,  voice  and communication disorders..
> Nachal Dolev 40/4
> Ramat Beit Shemesh Aleph
> rivka.radonsky at gmail.com

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