[BS/RBS list] Traffic Alerts

G Saltan gabisalt at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 29 03:30:40 EDT 2015

 Rehov HaRav Herzog extension to the back road (Route 10)
has a stretch of just one lane due to repaving. It should last 
a couple of days. Please slow down.
Heading to Tel Aviv, be prepared for high traffic jams.
With the advent of the construction of the new light rail
line, please be advised of the following construction
schedule and start dates to avoid the areas  if at all possible:
- This coming Sunday - Alenbi Street, Tel Aviv
- 16 Aug 15 - Carelbach Street
- October (after Hagim) - Shaul HaMelech street, T.A.
- October - Arlozorov St., T.A.
- 27 Aug 15 - Abba Hillel, Ramat Gan
- August - Bialik St., Ramat Gan
- December - Ben GurionandAharonovitz, Bnei Brak
- January, Petach Tikvah
Source: Israel Hayom from Tuesday
-Gabi S

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