[BS/RBS list] In DESPERATE need of funds

Elie & Lisa Silverberg elly1 at 012.net.il
Tue Jul 28 14:53:25 EDT 2015

Today The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee received a request for funds for a
new immigrant.

The individual has been living here without family or a support network.

His story is heartbreaking. He is living off of a small stipend. There are
not enough funds to cover even the BASIC expenses.


The Chesed Comm. is ready to help him but in the summer months our funds are
at their lowest.


Our organization is hearing more of these situations lately.


These are OUR neighbors, OUR friends (yes- the people who live in OUR

There are many individuals and families who are truly struggling just to put
food on the table.


We need your help! 


If you would like to donate, please contact me.




Lisa Silverberg

The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee

Serving The Beit Shemesh Community for 22 Years


Join us on facebook- The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee




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