[BS/RBS list] Huge favor VERY time sensitive ALREADY DONE!...

Tali Slifkin talislifkin at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 09:20:21 EDT 2015

Thank you!
I love these lists... It has been taken care of already!

I need a photo album picked up from Rechov Beit Hadfus in Givat Shaul by 5:00 pm today!! 
If you work close to number 7 
and can pick it up for me it would be a huge chesed! It's called  
:דניה  מעבדות
They close at 5 and just informed me it's ready... Oh and We leave tonight to the States!! 
Call me for exact info if you can get it and bring it to BS/RBS before 9pm.
Thank you,
Tali Slifkin

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