[BS/RBS list] Something to do for kids?? YES! Fun and Educational

Devora Rosenbaum devorarosenbaum at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 09:16:29 EDT 2015

We had a wonderful visit at Midreshet Beit Shemesh ,Mercaz Mevakrim  movie,
and actiivites. It was moving, educational and fun for the kids and mom!

The movie is a portrayal of Bet Shemesh history from a Maabara to a
blooming city. It was a moving lesson in Hakarat Hatov to those who paved
the way for us here, with great challenges of the times. we came out more
appreciative of what we have, as well as awe for the people who braved
those great challenges.

we then visited the first Bet Shemesh Shul, with the original furniture
made out of the simple wooden crates they had. we saw some original
siddurim  brought over from Europe. lots of picture from those days.

It was a lovely morning, and highly recommended. just a few more days left
for this season-
wed afternoon- 5-8 pm including a craft for kids
thursday morning 9-1
friday a tiyul in the steps of David Hamelech - Tel Azeka, overlook Emek
Haela, up to Chirbat Kiafa- now famous in the world of archeology.
tiyul from 9-12 ,

each of these activities (Mercaz Mevakrim and tiyul) are 10 nis. a person.

052 834 9253

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