[BS/RBS list] Last Call!! Nachshonit Water Park Tomorrow

Esther Bassous estherbassous at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 03:50:32 EDT 2015

Hi, Looking to organize a mini bus to Nachshonit Water Park this coming
Wednesday, when it will be open for the chareidi crowd with separate
swimming. . http://www.nachshonit.co.il/ Leaving Beit Shemesh at around
9:30 am and leaving the park around 4 pm. It's going to cost around 22
shekels per person each way.
Cost of park entrance is 55 shekel if you order early, if not 65. Isracard
has a deal of 1 plus 1 for up to a certain amount of money. i have not
looked into how to do it yet. Please respond to this email if interested in
joining. Thank you!

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