[BS/RBS list] Are you a Caregiver?

Rachel Goldberg tips4frumwomen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 08:34:46 EDT 2015

Are you looking for work as a CAREGIVER?  If you are a babysitter,
playgroup leader, drop-off, gan, day camp operator, tutor, provider of
private lessons, elder caregiver , special needs caregiver, cleaner or
other type of household help, our new online tool will help you find work
with a Jewish family in Beit Shemesh and surrounding areas.

FrumCare.com is THE place to find work as a caregiver with a nice Jewish
family.  It's FREE and it works.  Sign up here:http://www.frumcare.com/

Rachel and the FrumCare Team

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