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 When people hear about a coach for running and fitness the most common myths are: a. "why do you need a running coach you just put on a pair of running shoes and go out?" or b. "I will never do running because it is bad for your ankles and knees with or without a coach." In fact, these two myths run hand in hand. How? Well being trained by a professional allows you to learn the right running techniques or the bio-mechanics of running. Without a coach you could be running very inefficiently or worse, causing injury traditionally in the knees and ankles. With a coach not only will you prevent many of the chronic issues commonly discussed as running injuries but allow for much more efficient and relaxing runs when you are aware of the right techniques. Obviously there are exceptions but I speak of the rule.
       A testimonial from Efrat: Thanks for your wonderful enthusiasm, warmth, caring and great example you provide to the kids in your chug. We know that the things both our kids learned from you will help them in years to come too. Their participation was inspiring to me so I, too took up running and fitness.
 A testimonial from Chashmona'im:        
 I have to tell you that the chug has been an extremely positive experience for them--they gained a lot of physical stamina and running techniques and they gained significant confidence in themselves and their abilities. Thank you! It was more than a chug--it was experience and exposure to the power of positive thinking and perseverance.       
 You are an amazing coach and m       y husband and I are thrilled that the kids had you as their teacher.       
 Looking forward to another year!!       
       A testimonial from Bet Shemesh:        
       Ariel really enjoys the chug and it has given him a love and understanding of physical activity which I hope will motivate him for years to come.
        Thank you. 
Tzivia        Derovan       
 A testimonial from Neve Daniel:      
       Thanks for everything. The boys love you! The Jacobsons of Neve Daniel      
       Go to the link below each location to learn ages, monthly fee, dates, and times for the workout sessions....       
Bet Shemesh area:
        Nivcheret (intensive 90 minute workout for athletes who compete - currently offered in Bet Shemesh only )       
         AK-47s (Novices-Adults):
        Efrat and the Gush Etzion area:
        Chashmona'im/Modi'in/Nof Ayalone area:        

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