[BS/RBS list] Only 2 DAYS: Chassan & Kallah !!

Alex realmoi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 14:59:17 EDT 2015


A special Chassan & Kallah are getting married next week - any
contributions are very appreciated.

P L E A S E don't miss the opportunity to earn BIG *zechusim* in this
unique *Mitzvah *of *Hochnasa Kallah*.

Tax-exempt receipts available.
Checks can be made out to:
*American* check:    *Neimas Moshe*
*Israeli* check:      *verifying*

*PS. Tefillos on behalf of those dear to you can be said under the Chuppah
by the Chosson.*

Thanks for taking the time to consider helping,

Aleksander Binson
(References available)

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