[BS/RBS list] Ceramic Pottery classes beginning September 1st. Sign Up!

Naomi Persky naopersky at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 26 14:14:21 EDT 2015

wanted to learn to work with clay? Itching to get your hands into a creative
outlet that allows for exploration? 

Amphora Ceramic Design Studio located on Dolev will be offering a winter semester of classes
beginning August 25.

Classes will run for 20 sessions. There will be no classes on erev Chag, Chagim or during Chanukah.

Classes will take place in 3 hour blocks on Tuesdays from 11:30-2:30 (for
returning students only),

 and 2:30-5:30 and 5:30-8:30pm. 

and teens are welcome.

 Space is limited.

 No previous experience necessary.


studio contains a plethora of tools and equipment using clay slab rather than
wheel techniques.

Develop an understanding of techniques used in hand building. 

include: pinch pots, coil, slab building, sculpting and using molds and

You will learn how to use the slab roller table and many little tools of the

in painting your work will be explored. 

Create beautiful projects for yourself, your home and gifts for others.

After up to five weeks, you will be filled with enough ideas and knowledge to
move on to create your own projects.

Surprise yourself with your latent talents and meet others in a nurturing and
creative atmosphere.


A non refundable deposit of 400 nis needs to be given no later than August 14th to hold your place. 

for more information 991-0232 or 058 499 9023



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