[BS/RBS list] Coconut Oil and Almond Butter Order

Eli & Chava Leah Glickman clg7556 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 24 03:23:03 EDT 2015

We are hopeful that the order should be"H come next week, if you'd like to join the order please respond by early Monday, Thank you!

We are organizing another order for the following items.  Please be in touch if interested in joining or for any questions.
Coconut oil: case of 6 jars/ 720 mL per jar = 205 NISIndividual jars of coconut oil = 37 NIS per jarAlmond butter case of 6 jars/ 750 mL per jar = 390 NISIndividual jars of almond butter = 68 NIS per jar
It is Teva Mehadrin brand with an Eidah Hachareidis hechsher.  The coconut oil is unrefined, cold pressed oil. 

Please note the change in the price of the coconut oil, our apologies but they've raise it.
When responding please specify what you are ordering and if it's case/s or jar/s.

Thank you!The Glickmans

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