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Supporting The Men & Women Of The IDF 24/7

Stregnthening Israel, Supporting The IDF

9th Of Av Special IDF Campaign

The 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av has arrived and Jews around the world will
 be fasting to commemorate the destruction of the two Temples (Bet Hamikdash) that
stood in Jerusalem, Israel's eternal capital.
Our sages taught us that it was the hatred and disrespect between people that caused
the destruction of the temple. In order to rectify the situation and merit the rebuilding
of the temple, we must act towards each other with respect and love.

Standing Together's goal has always been about supporting and showing appreciation
to the men and women of the IDF who are putting their own lives on the line to make
sure Israel is safe from destruction.
When Standing Together volunteers show up at an IDF base with gear, food, treats
 and support from people around the world to welcome IDF soldiers who are safely
 returning from operations or military exercises, their reactions to the love and
support is simply inspiring.  These acts of kindness and unity is what keeps Israel
How You Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of  IDF Soldiers
The summer months in Israel come along with extremely high
temperatures. Soldiers are outside for extended periods of time with heavy gear 
on their backs
under the scorching hot sun.  Under the advice of high ranking IDF officers, Standing
Together has launched several summer campaigns that are designed to both make IDF
soldiers' lives a little more comfortable as well as keep them fully active and 
operationally effective even under the extreme heat. The men and women of the IDF
are putting their lives on the line to keep Israel safe, this is the least we can
do to say THANK YOU.

IDF Water Pack Campaign

Every IDF soldier is supplied two plastic canteens that hold just under a liter 
of water each. Due to the material these canteens are made of, the scorching hot
 sun turns the water warm and leaves a taste that is less than desirable


Furthermore, the canteens are stored in side pouch

es of IDF combat vests and in order to drink and safely secure the canteens back
 in place, units must stop what they are doing in order to stay hydrated.

The operational water packs Standing Together delivers to thousands of

IDF soldiers each year are insulated which keeps the water both fresh and cool and
the specially designed and insulated straw allows soldiers to drink easily without
having to stop their training or operations.

After meeting with tens of high ranking officers, we have a
goal of reaching over 2,000 active IDF soldiers in several elite units and supplying
them with the Standing Together water pack.

Close & Personal with IDF Soldiers
The Standing Together jeep and trailer travel across Israel to visit IDF bases and
deliver cold drinks, ice cream and other cool treats in order to show appreciation
and thanks to IDF soldiers who are standing guard and are keeping Israel safe. The
men and women of the IDF are putting their lives on the line to protect Israel, 
this is the least we can do to say THANK YOU!
It is impossible to put into words just how inspiring it is to see the smiles and
appreciation on the faces of IDF soldiers who are returning from operations and 
find the Standing Together jeep waiting for them. Whether it is people who sponsored
an IDF outing from afar, or those who are visiting Israel and took the time to join
us on an IDF base as we supply soldiers with everything from cool treats to operational
If you are planning a trip to Israel, the Standing Together IDF outings are an experience
that will last you a lifetime!
Click below to sponsor an IDF outing

Take An IDF Soldier Who's On Patrol Out For Coffee
This is our newest campaign and it is reaching hundreds of IDF soldiers on a weekly
basis! IDF soldiers in the Gush Etzion area (South of

Jerusalem) are on 24-hour patrol.
Patrols are run in 8-hour shifts and some are by jeep while others are on foot.
Along the route of the patrols is a Cafe called English cake.
Standing Together has teamed up with English Cake and is serving any on duty IDF
 soldier free coffee and cake. We have sponsors for 50 soldiers a day but there 
are hundreds that are on duty in the area.
How many soldiers would you like to take out for coffee?

CLICK To Buy IDF Soldiers Coffee

Become An IDF Community Leader
Are you an avid supporter of Israel and the IDF?
If you, like us, have a deep connection to Israel and look up to the men and the
 women of the IDF as Israel's heroes, become one of our community leaders. Help 
set up IDF speaking engagement and fundraising campaigns in your area.
Start an online campaign for your community, company or school and let's show the
men and women of the IDF that they have our support.
Send as an email at info at stogether.org with your name and what city you are from.
In the subject line write: I support the IDF.
info at stogether.org [mailto:ari at stogether.org]

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