[BS/RBS list] Shalom Zachar for Families Gerzi and Herskine

David Gerzi dgerzi at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 24 07:57:25 EDT 2015

With praise and gratitude to HaShem for all of thekindness that He has bestowed upon us and specifically for the birth of ourson, we would like to invite all of our friends to the Shalom Zachor which williy”H take place this Shabbos Night Parshas Devarim 

in our home at 7/5 Nachal Micha

>From 9:30 P.M 

Till 12:00 A.M

We Look Forward To Seeing You

Hadassah and David GerziProud Grandparents Liliane and Howard Herskine with Joy and Shlomo Gerzi

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