[BS/RBS list] STAR BAGEL - MAKE A NOTE! Preparing for the Nine Days/Tisha b"Av

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Thu Jul 23 04:45:04 EDT 2015

STB 37/50

The Nine Days are beginning, so come over for bagels and cheese dishes

The Fast of Tisha Be'Av which falls this year on Sunday Yud Av/ 26th
July, STAR Bagel will be closed. Please make sure that you pick up your
bagels before and after the fast meal no later than Friday, July 24.
Shlomi and Staff wish all Listers a meaningful fast!

<*><*><*> STAR BAGEL the Real Bagel <*><*> <*>

Click this link to see our new menu! www.shemesh.co.il/images/starbagelmenu.jpg

BEGIN WITH the Soup of the Day
CHOOSE a Personal Salad with your Toasted Sandwich, Pasta etc

And of course enjoy any meal with a Star Bagel and a coffee!

We can prepare an order for you to pick up

We now work in conjunction with local caterers-we prepare all the
food, and the caterer arranges presentation and service.

FREE DELIVERY in BS/RBS minimum order 70sh.

Hechsher B'datz Bet Yosef Mehadrin

Open weekdays 7:30am to 8pm, Fridays from 7:30am until 1.30pm
Closed Motsei Shabbat

Under the sole management of Shlomi from Pizza Chalav Ud'Vash  tel. 02 9919293

Star Bagel
Mercaz Yifat Hashemesh
Sheinfeld Shopping Center
Tel.  02-6252575
Cell. 054-5335676

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