[BS/RBS list] Rabbi Lazer Brody Shuir on Current Events available as Mp3 and Video from Youtube

Reuven Ashenberg neshoma at bezeqint.net
Wed Jul 22 12:36:24 EDT 2015

Rabbi Lazer Brody spoke last night in Beis  Tefillah on Current Events, My
Challenges and the Geula. IT was an amazing shuir and some new surprise
things being mentioned.  For those who missed the shuir or who would like to
listen to it again, I have for you the mp3 and video of YouTube.   I have
prepared for you to  download the mp3 file of the shuir from mediafire at


If  you would like to see the video of the shuir at YouTube, you can go to -


For more information on Breslov and to donate to them , you can go to


May we see no more sorrow and may the Bais Hamikdash be built soon in our


Reuven Ashenberg


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