[BS/RBS list] Last call - One spot available on Matan BS tiyul tomorrow

Matan Bet Shemesh matanbetshemesh at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 23:09:55 EDT 2015

If you would like to join, please email me by 3pm today.

Pre-Tisha Bav tiyul with Tzipora Piltz, this Thursday, July 23, 2015 – 7 Av

Bus leaves Netzach Menashe 8:30am and returns at 2pm

“In the Footsteps of the Women of the Mikdash”

We will begin with the remains of Queen Heleni’s palace in the Givati
Parking Lot, and learn about her unique contribution to the Mikdash. We
will stand next to the Southern Wall and learn about the personality of
Huldah the Prophetess. We will continue to the Eastern Wall, next to the
Shoshan Gate, and learn about Queen Esther’s contribution to renewing the
building of the Second Temple. We will then get to know the women who
raised their children in purity for the rite of the red heifer. We will
conclude with home hospitality on Har Hazeitim, and hear about the daily
life of those who live there.

Tzipora Piltz holds an M.A. in Jewish History from Touro College, and has
been involved with the topic of the Mikdash for over fifteen years. Tzipora
is a senior lecturer at “Machon HaMikdash”, has taught at Nishmat and
Michlala, and leads tours and seminars on the topic of the Mikdash. Tzipora
lives with her husband and children on Har Hazeitim.

Tiyul price (which includes transportation) NIS 105

Dr. Dodi Tobin - ד"ר דודי טובין
Director, Matan Bet Shemesh - מנהלת מתן בית שמש

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