[BS/RBS list] Join us for Women in Green's Annual Walk Around the Walls on Tisha BAv Night - van from BS

Buckman Family family at thebuckmans.com
Tue Jul 21 09:38:15 EDT 2015

Join us for Women in Green’s Annual Walk Around the Walls on Tisha B’Av 
Van transportation available from Beit Shemesh!
Leaving immediately after Eicha readings here, 9:45 pm (not a minute 
later!), from the Merkaz Mischari in Givat Savyon on Rechov HaDekel, in 
front of B"K Etz Chaim.  (All are cordially invited to attend the reading of 
Eicha at B"K Etz Chaim if they wish.)
Transportation to the starting point of the Walk and home from the ending 
point.  Cost of van (greatly subsidized by Women in Green) is only 30 nis 
per person round-trip.
We must know if you are coming by tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  To reserve 
your spot(s) on the van, please contact asap Debbie at this email address or 
Sora at sorag at juno.com.

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