[BS/RBS list] Bored English-reading kids? Want appropriate reading materials for Tisha B'Av?

Harry Greenspan hgreenspan219 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 07:09:52 EDT 2015

I have [to loan] hundreds of Torah-oriented English-language children's
books,Artscroll,Feldheim,etc.,appropriate for ALL ages.        In
addition,for the older crowd,I have hundreds of titles [to loan], material
related to the Holocaust and Tisha B'Av,as well as a large selection of
Gedolim biographies.           THE TERMS: I require a refundable deposit of
30.shekel,per book,or 50.for two books.                 Cash Only.
Books are on loan for SEVEN days at a time.You must sign that you borrowed
a particular book,with your contact info,and that the book[s], when
returned, will be in the SAME condition as when borrowed.      You will
then receive a full refund. Rabbi H Greenspan  0525650069    Note: You must
CALL before coming,and I must be AT HOME [on Dolev] so that you can come
by. PLEASE do not bother my wife regarding the books.

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