[BS/RBS list] ADVICE: Fisherman's Friend Drops - Sugar Fr/ Strong?

Ruth Posner ruth at shemesh.co.il
Tue Jul 21 03:17:30 EDT 2015

This reply just came in from Superpharm at Kenyon Naimi
Now this is what I call SERVICE!
For details of Superpharm / Naimi see ad in ShemeshPhone.

Hey ruth

I remember that you ask for fishermans …

So if you still want we have it in super pharm naimi it cost 8 shekel for a
bag/ we have all the flavors


Thank you


Reply to Lister from 14th June!

Looking for "Fisherman's Friend" Sugar Free Strong Cough Drops.
Cannot find anywhere in local pharmacies.

If you have any to sell, kindly advise and we will make arrangements
to pick up.

Thanks in advance for any possible assistance.
This is one thing that can greatly help someone presently.

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