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צביה פלאש 9181739 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 08:52:11 EDT 2015

 GF 4 / 4

FLASH is back
We are in our new office on
Dolev 84 - parking lot entrance

FLASH is back with a great service of:

   1. Bar/t Mitzvah packages (invitations, signing boards and souvenris)
   2. Promotional Advertizing products
   3. All printing jobs
   4. Personalized Gifts

For opening hours please call the office

*FLASH  Gifts, Souvenirs and Promotional Advertising*
Tel: 0548-415346
Email: 9181739 at gmail.com  <9181739 at gmail.com>


*WWW.FLASH-GIFTS.COM <http://flash-gifts.com/>*

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